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10/20/50/100/200kN Donut type stainless steel compression load cell (B119)

Number Specifications Technique
1 Capacity 10,20,30,50,100,200 kN
2 Rated output 2.0±20%mV/V
3 Zero balance ± 0.05mV/V
4 Non‐linearity 0.10%F.S.
5 Hysteresis 0.10%F.S.
6 Repeatability 0.050%F.S.
7 Creep(30min) 0.05%F.S.
8 Temp.effect on output 0.005%F.S./10ºC
9 Temp.effect on zero 0.005%F.S./10ºC
10 Input impedance 780±20Ω
11 Output impedance 700±10Ω
12 Insulation ≥5000MΩ/100VDC
13 Recommended excitation 5V
14 Maximum excitation 10V
15 Compensated temp range ‐10~60ºC
16 Operation temp range ‐20~80ºC
17 Safe overload 150%F.S.
18 Ultimate overload 200%F.S.
19 Cable size φ4×4000mm
20 Weight approx. 0.1kg
21 Material Stainless Steel
22 IP Class IP67

Product Description

Brans B119 ring type load cells is also thru-Hole (Donut) Load Cells are major players when measuring the tightening of load directly. Our Thru-Hole Series offers a variety of capacities and inner diameter sizes making it ideal for bolt fastening applications.
Products in use Thru-Hole/Donut Load Cell paired with Instrumentation.

1. Name: Stainless Steel Ring Type Donut Load Cell (B119)

2. Material: Stainless Steel

3. Capacity: 10,20,30,50,100,200 kN

4. Design

6. Features & Applications

  • Low profile with small dimension
  • Made of stainless steel or Alloy steel
  • Mainly used for monitoring of thread force
  • Suitable for Automotive press fit, automated assembly, 3C products testing, new energy product assembly, medical testing, robotics, mold assembly and other industrial testing and control ling systems


BRANS Donut Load Cell is built for press or inline compression applications. The standard ring load cell has a very robust construction available in 17-4 PH stainless-steel, with an I.D. range of 1/8 in to 1-1/4 in and a 10 ft [3 m] #24 AWG, 4 conductor, braided shielded Teflon cable. You will also find the option for external matched output readily available.

B059 Donut Load Cell offers high accuracy and high stiffness. It has a nonlinearity of ± 0.5% of RO, a deflection of 0.002 in [0.05 mm] nominal, and an operating temperature of -60° F to 200° F. The standard LTH500 can be modified or customized to meet your requirements and most capacities are in our inventory, making them available for 24 hour shipping. Similar to our entire Load Cell product line, this model is manufactured in the USA and uses metal foil strain gauge technology.

Customized Ring type load cells, please come to Brans Technology.

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